Community Pride

Community Pride

There are a LOT of things that you are probably not aware of that go on behind the scenes in many of the central Adirondack towns that you visit. This blog is to shed a little light on just one of those things, Community Pride Day.

To me this day demonstrates not only how much we love where we live but it’s also how we as a community prepare for your arrival because we want you to love it too.

Sixteen years ago, the Inlet Area Chamber of Commerce came up with the idea to create an event that would bring people together and help clean the roadways and heavily visited areas to get ready for the summer season. That first year turned out to be a success both in the number of people that volunteered and in the amount of trash that was collected.

The following year, Eagle Bay Citizens Association jumped in to help. Not only did they expand the reach of this event, they started the tradition of providing lunch for the volunteers.

In 2003, Old Forge and the town of Webb joined in and the event spread even further. Raquette Lake got on board in 2009 and Blue Mountain Lake, Indian Lake and Long Lake all followed suit in 2010.

 Like I stated earlier, one of the perks of being a Community Pride Day volunteer is that you’re provided lunch. Not bad for 2-3 hours of work. Each town handles how they provide lunch differently. In Raquette Lake, volunteers eat at the Tap Room.

In Inlet & Eagle Bay, Seventh Lake House, Daikers, The Tavern, EZ Mart, The Bay Café and Kalil’s all got together to make sure their volunteers were fed.

In addition to lunch, volunteers are also given t-shirts as a way to say, ‘Thank You’ and to commemorate the day. To alleviate the expense of making the shirts, local businesses and individuals pay to have their name/business listed on the back as Community Pride Day sponsors.


In the beginning of this event, shirts were designed in-house. Last year it was decided to allow 9th grade students from participating schools districts the opportunity to design the shirts. Students submit artwork that they feel best depicts the message of Community Pride. A committee chooses four to be voted on. The final four submissions are posted on Facebook to allow the public to choose their favorite.


The winning design is printed on the Community Pride Day t-shirts for that year. This year’s freshman winner was Lillianna Pittarelli from Town of Webb. I think she did a fantastic job!


Just as Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November, Community Pride Day is always the first Wednesday in May. This allows students from participating schools to join in and help out.


Students from Inlet Common School used their time today to make new stepping stones that will be placed in front of the bathrooms at Arrowhead Park. This is a great project for those of us that will have the benefit of using them this summer and it’s great for the students to get involved with something bigger than they are. Something that gives back to the community in which they live. Definitely a win/win for everyone.


Some of the interesting things that were found today include, an i-pod shuffle, a bozo the clown bobble head, snowmobile registrations, various sets of keys, car bumpers, children’s toys, a watch, an ice skate and enough trash to make you cry.



Think about it - The McDonald cups that were picked up today traveled a minimum of an hour before being tossed out onto the Adirondack landscape. The Starbucks cups traveled at least 2 hours before being discarded.

Just like cleaning your house before guests arrive, the communities of the Adirondack towns you love got together today and cleaned them up so that when you arrive, it will feel like home. We cleaned it so that once you’re here you can relax and rejuvenate. We cleaned it because we love our community and we want you to love it too!

And just like having guests in your house, we hope that you will leave it in the same condition you found it. We are all caretakers of this beautiful place and we want everyone, humans and animals alike to enjoy their Life in the ADKS!


A special thanks to Adele Murdock Burnett for teaching me the history of this great event and to Deb Evans for the ice skate photo.


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